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Protecting Ferrets from being Stolen

Ensure your ferrets are microchipped, this way if they are stolen or escape and are taken to a vets or rescue, they may be checked for a chip and tracked back to you.

Dont advertise you have ferrets, those nice signs "Warning ferrets" etc are great for indoors but keep them away from prying eyes.

Make sure your garden is secure i.e. any gates padlocked, side entrances gated, and fences/walls difficult to climb over (protects you, your ferrets and your house) and check that they are all in good sturdy condition (also make sure any
gates cant simply be lifted off their hinges).

Other things you can do to make your garden that little harder to get into if its exposed in anyway include, adding trellace along tops of low fences and walls (making them seem that much higher and harder to scale, but also means you can grow some nice plants up them if you have green fingers), spikes on top of high walls and gates (>2m) (or thorny plants), plant thorny shrubs/hedges up against the fences/walls as well (pyracanthus, holly, blackthorn, gorse, roses), and put in some security lighting. Some people put gravel down on paths as its noisy to walk on. Also make sure you cut back any overhanging trees that people could use to climb into your garden.

Dont forget to put some signs up to help deter such as CCTV in operation and antitheft signs such as these (you can make your own if you have access to a laminator)



And make sure you have good sturdy locks on your shed door and windows (if you wire mesh the windows from the inside that should help deter anyway and means you can open the windows in hot weather without fear of your fuzzies escaping). Some owners fit wireless alarms to their ferret sheds such as the YaleHSA 3000, running off batteries you can get away just using the door contact and the siren box parts. As these are wireless so no wires can be cut and some also have anti tamper switch incase anyone trys to rag it off the shed it automatically sets off the alarm.

A Safety porch on the shed is another option (also stops ferrets escaping when you open the shed door if they are free roaming), as it means theives have to open two sets of doors to get in, this gives you an idea of what these are if you
have not seen them


Obviously if you have a run attached to your shed then make sure its sturdy construction with good quality mesh thats well secured.

For anyone reading this keeping ferrets outside in hutches/chicken coops then use bolts with padlocks to keep your ferrets secure in their hutch, dont just rely on wooden latches (which ferrets can knock open themselves). These precautions can also help prevent fuzzies being accidentally let out by inquisitive visitors or little hands.

Unfortunately thefts do happen, especially during the Autumn and Winter months in the UK when rabbit hunting begins (so either by people stealing them to hunt with or to breed with).