Clear flexible ducting
(Dustspares on Ebay)  
As with all clear plastic pipes this will deteriorate over time and in harsh weather. Available in Various lengths and diameters.
From £9.50 + pp per mtr.

Super Pet Ferretrail
Flex-e Tun-nels
Build your own playground (may deterriorate outdoors)
App £20 for this starter set. Note photo is of v. small jills.

Dig boxes filled with rice, pasta shells, natural starch packaging peanuts (not synthetic), plastic balls or clean bedding compost or children's play sand can also be great fun albeit somewhat messy...

Thanks to Monsta Ferret for letting us show this.

Thanks to Emma Pimms at Positive Pets Dog Training, Didct, Oxon, for letting us show this.

Ferrets also love cat scrunch bags, plastic supermarket bags (for supervised play only) ping pong balls, cat toys and rubber toys, but make sure the rubber is hard enough to not be ripped to pieces, as the ferret might eat the bits and get a life threatening blockage, and similarly that rubber and cat toys aren't left around with your ferrets when not supervised as bits can come off or get claws caught (especially bells). Ferrets make their own fun, so you might find your socks, remote controls and keys disappearing. Don’t worry, find your ferrets’ favourite stash place, where he has put them for safe keeping, and you will never really lose them!

It's important to gather up all your ferret's toys about once a week to make sure that none of them have been damaged. Even if it's a toy your ferret has never been able to harm in the past, you need to make sure it continues to be safe.

Not all toys that are labeled for ferrets are safe for ferrets. Use your judgment. Rubber and foam are the two most common materials found in ferrets with intestinal blockages, so it makes sense that toys made of flimsy rubber or foam are never safe for ferrets.

Drag a towel of sheet behind you and you will soon find that this becomes the focus of entertainment with your fuzzies.

To understand the behaviour your ferret may show when playing check out the article at

Nip / bite training

Dont ever be tempted to smack your ferret or flick them on their nose if they start to play too rough and nip/bite, there are far better ways to teach them not to bite. There's more information on nip training here >

If you decide that ferrets are for you, you will have a life-long playmate and friend. They will be there to welcome you when you get back from work, and cheer you up when you’re feeling down. With a life-span of up to 10 years and more (an important factor to take into consideration) they are a long term commitment, but one that is more than worth it.

Clicker training

It is possible to train a ferret to perform trick using treats and a clicker in the same way you can train dogs and cats.

Grooming and maintenance

Playtime is a good way to check daily on the health and well being of your ferret.

  • Eyes should be bright and clear.
  • Ears should be clean and free from wax. You can wipe the ears clean gently with baby wipes but never poke cotton buds into the ears as this can cause internal damage. Ear mites appear as a black tarry wax in the ears.
  • Your ferret’s fur should be clean and free from fleas and ticks.
  • Teeth should be healthy, unbroken, free from tartar and plaque.

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