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Kidney Disease/Renal Failure in Ferrets

This is usually found in older ferrets as a result of the kidneys losing the ability to perform their function due to the continual lose of renal tissue, but can also occur as a result of Infection, Heart failure, Shock, Exposure to toxins, Side effects from medications, Stones (in the kidney (cystine stones), urinary bladder or urinary tract), Kidney cysts, Cancer or tumor, Diabetes mellitus and Genetic defects.

Renal diseases can come on suddenly (acute) for ferrets, or can occur over a period of more than three months (chronic). During its early stages, renal disease displays little or no symptoms; although the ferret can show vague symptoms like lethargy and changes in behavior.

The common symptoms of kidney disease are lethargy, increased thirst, lack of appetite, loss of weight, increase in urination (polyuria), dehydration, weakness, ulcers in the mouth, sometimes an ammonia smell on their breath, lethargy and depression.

Acute renal failure (ARF)

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