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Ferrets need to have a good safe confined living space, either inside in a cage; dedicated ferret proof room ; outside in a large hutch with a run; or a purpose built/converted shed/court. Size of the cage/hutch/shed depends on how much "out of cage time" you can give your ferret, but the larger the cage the better for your ferret.

For indoor ferrets, there are several good cages on the market (do search on google, ebay and amazon for best deals):

Liberta Explorer

Double doors
• Height 159 cm
• Width 63 cm
• Length 93 cm
New from £175-£259

Savic Royal Suite

Single doors
• Height 159 cm
• Width 63 cm
• Length 93 cm
New from £369

Little Zoo Xtrail

Single door only
• Height 159 cm
• Width 63 cm
• Length 93 cm
New from £179 - £240

product_full2512Ferret and Chinchilla Tower Rise Cage

Ferret and Chinchilla Tower Rise Cage

Double doors
• Height 199 cm
• Width 58 cm
• Length 107 cm
Buy add on for High Rise £100



Whatever you choose, make sure it is safe and “ferret proof”

Ferrets are escape artists, and if they think they can escape,
they will try their hardest to prove themselves right!

Please note - Mesh based cages are totally unsuitable!

Ferrets can catch claws in them as well as suffer from sores and infections of the feet (bumble foot) PLUS these type of cages are all too often, too small, a nightmare to clean thoroughly and many rust!

Positioning is important, ferrets are very susceptible to extreme heat (just like dogs and cats, ferrets don't sweat), and as such their environmental temperature should be kept below 26°C (80°F), otherwise they could very quickly overheat and die. So make sure when planning where your ferret will live that it will be cool even in the warmest of weather. In gardens, consider placing the housing and run in a sheltered northerly position where it is less likely to get the heat of the day or be exposed to constant winds.

If you do chose to house your ferret outside then, if possible, make sure you have a safety door in place (i.e. a double door system) as this will prevent your ferrets from slipping past you as you enter their home. Also make sure you have bolts with padlocks on the hutch or enclosure doors, ferrets may be stolen for hunting, breeding or onward selling by opportunistic thieves, or may simply be accidentally let out by visitors or little people. More ideas on security >


  • Sawdust bedding should be avoided as it makes ferrets sneeze and can affect their breathing.
  • Hay bedding may contain harmful grass awns which can imbed in skin, ears, eyes, nose and other orifices, causing abscesses.
  • Straw bedding is an option but can be messy to clean out and may contain mites.
  • Fleece material/blankets/hammocks is a popular option as it is easy to wash through. Do make sure when using fleece that you remove any stitching from round the edge of the material that the ferret may get its claws (or worse) caught in.

Litter & toilet training

Take our word for it, ferrets produce a lot of poo, so its always a good idea to try to train your ferret to use a litter tray to make cleaning easier. This can be a cat litter tray (filled with non clumping litters such as yesterday news, back2nature, catsan, even shredded or just sheet news paper can be used in the tray), or any type of plastic container that can be used as a litter tray. There are alsospecial pans and corner trays available for ferrets. Puppy training pads are also useful to have down when the ferret is out roaming.

Ferrets will tend at first in a new home to defecate in corners of rooms/enclosures/cages and in front of doorways, but tend not to do so on their bedding as they are clean creatures. Placing the litter tray in the corners that the ferret has chosen will often help speed up the litter training process. It is important to keep emptying the litter tray and replacing newspaper or ferrets will go elsewhere if the tray is dirty. Dont forget if you let your ferret out to run free in rooms around the house to make sure you have litter trays around the house that they can use, or lino/puppy pads on the floors.

Keeping ferrets cool

There are various ways to help keep your ferrets cool in warm weather, some owners go as far as to have air conditioning within the housing, but most of us make do with

  • ice blocks (can be as simple as plastic bottles filled with frozen water, non toxic food cooling blocks, even snugglesafe heat

    •   pads can be frozen and used - remember to wrap any 'ice blocks' in a teatowel of pillow case before placing in with your ferrets)
      • cooling fans (pet cage fans such as Metro AirForce Cage/Crate Fan or Proselect Thermostatic Fan can conne)ct to the outside of

        •   a cage (great for shows and events), with the Proselect there is a freezer block that can be purchased and attached to cool the air
            blown into the cage, the fan can also be run in transit from a car lighter).

Ferret housing suppliers (cages, hutches, coops, aviaries, runs, courts & sheds)

The following are not specifically ferret housing suppliers but the hutches, coops, runs etc can abe used to house ferrets.
We would aways recommend fitting extra bolts and locks to hutch doors, shed doors, coops and aviaries to ensure your ferret cannot open the door itself, and that other people cannot let your ferrets out.

With runs, courts and aviaries make sure your ferret wont be able to dig its way out.

Tubes and tunnels

Tubes and tunnels can be great fun for ferrets and can if placed with thought give ferrets a large area to roam and explore even when space is restricted (just make sure your tubes are wide enought to fit your ferrets with their winter weight on!
125-150mm will cater for large ferrets carrying winter weight, 100mm is fine for most during summer).

Clear flexible ducting
(Dustspares on Ebay)  
As with all clear plastic pipes this will deteriorate over time and in harsh weather. Available in Various lengths and diameters.
From £9.50 + pp per mtr.

Super Pet Ferretrail
Flex-e Tun-nels
Build your own playground (may deterriorate outdoors)
App £20 for this starter set. Note photo is of v. small jills.

FloPlast 25m Black Perforated Drainage Pipe (B&Q) 
Flexible and robust.
Also available in white from Travis Perkins
From £69 for 25m (£2.80 mtr)